To: The New Hampshire State House, The New Hampshire State Senate, and Governor Chris Sununu

NH Clean Energy, Not Catastrophe: Stop Granite Bridge & all Liberty Utilities Pipelines!

The catastrophic gas pipeline explosions in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover MA, so close to home, are a shocking reminder that the only safe pipeline is the one that isn't built.

Renewable energy is good for New Hampshire's economy, creates sustainable jobs, protects the health and safety of residents and wildlife and will mitigate climate change.

• We respectfully ask Governor Sununu to support raising the solar cap, renewable energy incentives, energy efficiency and request a federal task force to study offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine.

• We respectfully ask all of our NH State Senators to rescind their support of the Granite Bridge Pipeline & Epping LNG tank.

We don't want to pay for pipelines, stranded costs, and face the health and safety threats of pipelines. It's better to be #FossilFree603!

Solar is the new bridge fuel. The future of fossil fuels is litigation.

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Why is this important?

We are deeply concerned that our legislators continue to support fossil fuel expansion when renewables provide more jobs and protect clean air, water, our health and safety. We do not have to risk our lives for energy. We all benefit from the transition to renewable energy.

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Reasons for signing

  • New Hampshire should be working our way towards clean renewable energy not putting more money into new but old fossil fuel idea, projects to keep New Hampshire dependent on fossil fuel for a longer period of time.
  • It has been my misfortune to have dealt with Liberty Utilities in the past. I have found that they will tell you anything to make you believe that they have your best interest in mind. They lie and must never be trusted. Say NO to the Granite Bridge and TO ALL LIBERTY UTILITY PIPELINES! New Hampshire does not want OR NEED THEM.
  • The fossil fuel industry is building all these pipelines to the coasts for EXPORT. It's a shell game with a local pipeline built here and there that WE pay for in order to free up space on the pipelines connecting to the Goldboro LNG Export terminal in Nova Scotia. Goldboro is under construction and they expect to start shipping LNG internationally by 2023! Don't be fossil fooled!