To: 2013 NYC Mayoral Candidates

No 4th Term for Bloomberg's Failed Education Policies

We urge candidates for mayor to:
* Embrace a new direction for public education that emphasizes collaboration over competition, and speak out against the failures of Mayor Bloomberg’s school reforms;
* Prioritize real and meaningful learning that develops engaged youth who are prepared for college and careers, not just to take standardized tests;
* Respect parents, students, educators, and communities and work with them to improve our schools instead of working against them;
* Keep our public schools public by rejecting the support of the $50 million coalition and the privatization of our schools.

Why is this important?

We want a new direction for public schools. After a decade of Mayor Bloomberg running the schools on a corporate reform agenda, only half of White students, half of Asian students, and only 13% of Black and Latino students graduate ready for college. Yet a new campaign supported by hedge fund managers and corporate CEOs has committed to raise $50 million to continue those same reforms. We refuse to allow Mayor Bloomberg's failed policies a fourth term.