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To: Sarasota County Commissioners


WE, the undersigned, as residents of Sarasota County and patrons of the Sarasota County Library System, implore the Sarasota County Commissioners to:
--Refrain from interfering with the membership of the County Libraries in their Professional Associations;
--Refrain from allowing books to be banned from the County Libraries; and
--Encourage parents who have concerns about their children encountering unsettling and divergent ideas from materials at the County Libraries, to more closely monitor their children while they are using the Library.

Why is this important?

Sarasota extremists with the Moms for Liberty are pushing the same chilling book-banning agenda with our public libraries that they pushed on our public schools. Under the guise of so-called parental rights, they want to dictate their narrow worldview upon everyone, not just their kids. This is a freedom for all issue, not just for an extremist few!


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