To: Salem Keizer Area Transportation Study agencies

No Bridgasaurus in Salem!

Victory! The creator of this petition declared the campaign a success. You can still sign the petition to show support.

It's time to pull the plug on the "Salem River Crossing" project, the $800+ million "Bridgasaurus." We need to send the expensive consultants home and start planning how to improve livability in Salem by addressing demand, smarter use of existing resources, and improving transit and alternative modes.

Why is this important?

This petition calls on all organizations involved in the Salem-Keizer Area Transportation Study (SKATS, the metropolitan planning organization for the Mid-Willamette Valley) to discontinue the planning process (already $5.5 million over-budget and 4 years behind schedule) that is trying to come up with a rationale for building an unnecessary 3rd Bridge over the Willamette, a dinosaur of a project that reflects 1950s thinking and would be the most expensive public project in Salem history and would destroy Wallace Marine Park. Don't let "Bridgasaurus Boondogglus" stomp all over Salem for the next 30 years!
There's a listserv you can join to stay informed about the effort to restore sanity and stop the absurd $800+ million 3rd Bridge project.

To join this listserv and others opposing this Bridgasaurus Boondogglus, just send me a note at gearjm (at symbol)  and request an invite to join the No3rdBridge list, so that you can participate in the campaign and be informed about the issue.
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