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To: Governor Charlie Baker, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA-1), and The United States Senate

Stop using ammonia bomb materials to fertilize our crops!

We know that liquid anhydrous ammonia is inherently unsafe. It was used to create explosive materials and is now used for fertilizer in industrial farming. Let's stop putting it into our soil until we investigate a possible link between these fertilizers, gut microbes, and soaring rates of autism and Alzheimer disease.

Why is this important?

A 2013 deadly explosion in a fertilizer plant in West, Texas reminded me that Anhydrous Ammonia may be hazardous in many ways.
Ammonia kills bacteria of all kinds, including good bacteria in the soil that produce vitamins and healthy microbes in our body that balance our bodies normal flora.
Ammonia from fertilizer may be sterilizing the soil, leading to growth of gram negative bacteria and other opportunistic microbes (fungi and viruses).
The recent evidence about leaky gut suggests that it is increasingly common, caused by industrial farming, and creates an environment that allows toxic organic material of all kinds (including ammonia) to leak into our bloodstream. Ammonia crosses the blood-brain barrier into our brain. The consequences of high ammonia levels in our brain are well documented.
As a Nutritionist and Food Chemist, I have reason to believe that anhydrous ammonia fertilizer may be linked to the destruction of healthy microbes in our soil and in our gut, leading to the rising rates of Alzheimer disease, Cancer, Obesity, Irritable bowel disease, and autism.