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To: Congress

No new drilling! Use renewable energy to address gas prices.

No new drilling! Use renewable energy to address gas prices.

We urge you to reject calls to expand oil drilling and other fossil fuel production in response to rising gas prices, and instead support the rapid development of renewable energy to help address the country's energy needs.

Why is this important?

Oil and gas lobbyists are using Russia's invasion of Ukraine to push for a massive expansion of oil drilling here in the U.S.

Pressure is building on the Biden Administration to ban oil imports from Russia. If that happens, gas prices may rise further. And that is leading Joe Manchin and the fossil fuel industry to use this crisis as a justification to massively expand fracking, offshore oil drilling, and other reckless practices at the expense of the climate. Yet it won't even produce enough oil to make a dent in rising costs.

Our addiction to oil helped fund Vladimir Putin's war machine while also causing devastation here at home in the form of floods, fires, and scorching heat waves. The answer isn't to drill more oil. Instead we must finally start moving this country away from dependence on fossil fuels and taking bold action to address the climate crisis. Will you speak out now in this urgent moment?


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