To: Superintendent Josh Middleton

No Racism in Middleton School District

We believe in thriving schools where the environment fosters growth and learning for all students no matter their race, color, national origin...

Why is this important?

With the disturbing images of teachers from the Middleton School District donning bigoted messages and racist stereotypes being highlighted on the districts social media pages we invite the Middleton School District to reconnect with why they became educators in the first place.

The gross display of dehumanization of Latinx children and the outrageous harm caused by trusted adults that they learn from and look up to cannot be ignored and swept under the rug with a simple apology. More is required of the teachers and administrators to repair the harm caused to their students, to their community, and to Idaho.

We hope you will sign this petition to demand for a proactive approach to ensuring that the students of the Middleton School District get the education they deserve and can once again trust the teachers and administration that are responsible for their growth and learning. The Middleton School District and the teachers involved have an opportunity to make this right and to be the teachers and administrators that their students deserve.

We demand..

Transform school environment/culture.

Identify school wide approaches to provide awareness and consciousness of systemic racism through culturally relevant curriculum, policy change, review of hiring practices, and district wide training.

Repairing Harm

Creating an environment where healing is possible for communities directly affected by providing opportunities for students, families, and the community to come together to better understand and address implicit bias, racism, historical and current trauma that led us to this moment. Every incidence of hate can be met with an act of beloved community.

Being Proactive about Race and Nationality

Find creative ways to engage district wide staff and teach the student body around race, ethnicity, and nationality issues.