To: The Colorado State House, The Colorado State Senate, and Governor Jared Polis

No statute of limitation for sexual abuse & rape

Eliminate the statute of limitation for sexual abuse or rape of anyone at any age. Often, crimes are committed against individuals who are too young or too afraid to speak to anyone about the incident. When they do find a voice, they find that the law is unable to proceed with any legal charges against the perpetrators because "the statute of limitations has passed." There is no statute of limitations on murder...why not on sex crimes?

Why is this important?

I was personally sexually assaulted as a child by a cousin without any recourse. Today's headlines concerning the many accusations against Bill Cosby make one thing clear: Victims should have a voice no matter how far in the past they experienced these horrific acts. These monsters should not be allowed to be do this to anyone else and must be held accountable for their actions.


Reasons for signing

  • I was raised in Colorado and I want them women of that state to have every right to their day in court without these meaningless restrictions.
  • This should be a nation wide petition also
  • This needs to end now!!!