To: City of San Carlos

No Traffic Light on Eaton Avenue

Please join us in our attempt to thwart the city of San Carlos' plan to place a traffic signal at the corner of Alameda de las Pulgas and Eaton Avenue.
We are concerned with speed, safety and the negative traffic impacts this will have in our neighborhood.
Please sign the petition and also plan to come and speak against this at the City Council's meeting on March 26.

Why is this important?

We are concerned with speed, safety and the negative traffic impacts that the proposed traffic light at Alameda and Eaton will have in our neighborhood.
We fear that the drivers might catch a green light or may choose to speed up to make the yellow light. In both instances, we fear the safety of pedestrians and other drivers will be compromised because drivers aren’t forced to stop and lower their speeds throughout our residential zone. We worry about distracted drivers cruising through the green light, looking at their phones, skipping through a red light and more.
At least with the stop sign, each car MUST stop, bringing their overall speed down when traveling by our homes.
We are concerned that the overall traffic study by which this project was determined looks to satisfy the needs of those who might travel THROUGH this area and really gives no advantage or benefit to those who purchased HOMES in this area and LIVE here every day.
The stop sign works just fine and there is no need to intervene and change something that works during off-peak hours. There is a slight slowdown during the morning and evening commutes for those heading to Clifford ELementary or I-280 via Edgewood Road. But we live in the Bay Area and know that traffic is prevalent.