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To: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump

No War with Venezuela

The US Congress must prevent any direct or indirect military intervention by the Trump Administration to bring about regime change in Venezuela.

Needed humanitarian aid should be provided and accepted when it is not intended as a political weapon and provocation for conflict.

Why is this important?

Senator Rubio and his allies in the National Security Council are manipulating President Trump toward military intervention in Venezuela, so far without substantial resistance from Congress.

Regardless of opinions about the effectiveness or legitimacy of the Maduro government, direct or indirect military intervention to replace it with a US client regime is an effort to reassert the Monroe Doctrine and will create a far worse situation for Venezuelans and for Americans.

Political discussion between all Venezuelan political groups with the assistance of neutral international negotiators such as Mexico and the Contact Group should find ways to peacefully resolve internal conflicts.

Important goals of negotiations are likely to include new elections for the President, National Assembly and Governors as well as the end of economic sanctions and domestic policies that bring hardship to the lives of most Venezuelans.

Assembly Leader Guaido and the US government are orchestrating delivery of highly politicized aid on February 23 that is intended as a deliberate provocation, as reported in the New York Times:

"Gaby Arellano, an opposition lawmaker in charge of the shipment in Colombia, said one of the goals was to force the military, which has remained loyal to the government, to choose between Mr. Maduro and feeding the Venezuelan people. 'Popular pressure to break the military, this is what we’re working toward,' she said....

Omar Lares, a former opposition mayor in exile in Cucuta, said organizers want people to surround an aid truck on the Colombian side and accompany it to the bridge. A crowd of thousands would be gathered on the other side to push through a security cordon, move the containers blocking the bridge, and accompany the aid into Venezuela. ...

using a food shipment to challenge Mr. Maduro has concerned the same nongovernmental groups that would normally assist in such an effort. Caritas, the charitable arm of the Catholic Church, and the International Committee of the Red Cross have declined to participate, saying they must remain politically neutral. "

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