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Northampton County Slow Down and Ensure Public Participation

We call on Northampton officials to follow the intent of the law by allowing for the development of a new Comprehensive Plan before proposed Zoning Ordinances can be adopted. Northampton County has an obligation to provide a road map for the future before making major changes to the code. By following proper procedures they would ensure the highest degree of public participation in this process.

Why is this important?

Zoning Ordinances are hugely influential on the day to day life of the average citizen effecting how we grow our businesses, what we live next to, and how we treat our natural resources. This process is far too important for the County to side step proper procedures for public participation and involvement. We deserve to have a publicly vetted Comprehensive Plan for Northampton's future that everyone has had a chance to weigh in on. Shorekeeper will be presenting these petitions to county officials before public comment begins March 11th.


Reasons for signing

  • Lived on the shore all my life and agree with this petition. Take your time and get it right!
  • Try democracy .
  • BOS, as elected public servants, do what is right - follow procedure, be transparent and realize what a treasure we have in our local waters. Keep the Bay Act on the seaside!!

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