To: Sen. Charles Grassley (IA-1) and Sen. Joni Ernst (IA-2)

NRA: More important than constituents?

The NRA has contributed large amounts of money of many members of Congress, including Senators Ernst and Grassley of Iowa. Senator Ernst received $3,124,273 and Senator Grassley received $232,337 in support from the NRA and members of its staff.

The NRA's financial hold on our Congress is overwhelming, and it is one of the primary reasons why, in the wake of national tragedies, we remain unable to pass commonsense gun laws. Urge your senators to give back their contributions from the NRA and pass gun laws that will save lives.

Why is this important?

I am from Iowa, and I will not stand for my elected officials taking NRA contributions that prevent them from considering common sense gun laws. We have to start now. We are not asking that all guns be taken away form private citizens, but automatic and semi-automatic weapons have no place in our homes. They are weapons not used for hunting or self-defense, but are made for killing mass numbers of people.

We need to hold our elected officials accountable for making gun violence in the U.S. a pervasive and devastating problem. Call and write your Senators and Representatives to ask that they return their NRA funds and pass legislation for gun regulation in the U.S. We need laws that ban assault weapons among private citizens and legislation that ensures we run background checks and have a proper registration system for owning guns. It is not against the second amendment to create a culture of responsible gun owners.