To: President Donald Trump, The Pennsylvania State House, The Pennsylvania State Senate, Governor Tom Wolf, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Nursing Home Reform

The State rating of Nursing Homes (1 to 5 stars) is not valid and is misleading. it is a disservice to citizens looking for the best nursing home for their loved one. Nursing Homes know when a visit by inspectors is scheduled and stack the employees. Also one Nursing Home calling another to let them know that the inspectors are on the way should be against the law. A fine would stop this practice. Inspections should be conducted at all times not just 9 to 5 and a staggered schedule used. A surprise Saturday evening or holiday inspection would be a real eye opener. Each Nursing Home should be required to give the family of a resident the rules and regulations for the home, not just a "Welcome" letter. Included should be the when and why and the measurements used to move a resident from one section to another. Each Home should have to adhere to their rules and regulations also. The State cites the number of RN's and LPN's but only say "sufficient" number of aides. This should be addressed and a ratio stated for aides. Two aides per 21 residents may be sufficient for mobile residents but not enough for a "skilled unit" where residents are totally dependent on aides for all their needs and who may not be able to convey their needs.
As a citizen we are being asked to tighten our belts which we are doing. In return we ask that the State and Federal Government use our Medicare and Medicaid to its citizen's advantage.
Thank you for your consideration.

Why is this important?

Reform of Nursing Home Laws to benefit the residents of Nursing Homes.