To: Governor Andrew Cuomo

Nyack Needs A Ferry!

We, residents of Nyack and surrounding communities, ask that New York State allow and assist Nyack in continuing its illustrious history of river transportation, implementing ferry service to Tarrytown and Manhattan.

Why is this important?

Rockland County is the second highest taxed county in the nation, and yet we have practically no mass transit options into New York City. Our current real estate values do not keep pace with Westchester, and are not in sync with the taxes we pay. A ferry from Nyack to Westchester and Manhattan would be an excellent first step toward the mass transit requirements that Rockland County needs and deserves.


Reasons for signing

  • With the infusion of long-needed federal spending on transportation infrastructure, this is the obvious time to invest in Nyack’s economic development and connect it again with the city through easy public transport.
  • To think that the amount spent on replacing the TZ Bridge did not afford a train line.... So all we have is a bus which does not come too often and takes a looong time. So I drive into the city several times a week! I hope this is not a ferry tale...
  • Yes nyack needs a ferry!!!