To: Editor, New York Times and Public Editor, New York Times

.@nytimes: Acknowledge U.S. Role in Saudi War in Yemen

The New York Times should clearly acknowledge U.S. involvement in the Saudi war in Yemen.

Why is this important?

On February 5, the Huffington Post reported that Democratic Senator Chris Murphy had "called for the U.S. to cease military involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen." [1]

But according to a New York Times report on Feb. 22, what Senator Murphy called for ending doesn't exist. The Times reported: "Western intervention in Libya, led by France and Britain, has created only greater instability there, while the war in Yemen, waged by Middle Eastern proxies with no overt Western involvement, continues unabated, suggesting no easy answers anywhere in the region." [2]

We've urged other Senators to join Senator Murphy in calling for the U.S. to end its involvement in the Saudi war in Yemen. [3] It's sure not going to help our efforts if the New York Times won't even acknowledge that U.S. involvement exists.

Urge the New York Times to correct the record and to fully acknowledge the U.S. role in the Saudi war in Yemen by signing our petition.



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