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Obama, Congress: European Central Bank Must Support Greece During Talks

President Obama and Members of Congress should call on the European Central Bank to support the Greek banking system while negotiations continue between the Greek government and its official creditors to achieve a fair agreement.

Why is this important?

In a referendum on July 5, Greek voters overwhelmingly rejected demands from the “troika” of its official creditors for even more austerity measures. [1]

But the question of whether there can be a fair agreement and an end to the financial chaos being imposed on Greece now hangs crucially on whether the European Central Bank will support Greece’s banking system while negotiators try to reach an agreement. [2]

Members of Congress are speaking out about what is being done to Greece, including Senator Bernie Sanders [3] and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairs Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalva and House Democratic leaders Rosa DeLauro and Jan Schakowsky. [4]

Urge President Obama and Members of Congress to demand that the ECB support the Greek banking system while negotiations continue to achieve a fair agreement by signing and sharing our petition.



Reasons for signing

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  • If Greece is to get the support it wants it needs to have all of the players doing what is necessary during this difficult time while making it clear that the Greek government must make its actions transparent that the negotiations can produce a just outcome to all parties and Greek citizens.
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