To: Mike Feuer, City Attorney, David Ryu, Councilmember CD4, and member of the Arts, Parks & River Committee, Mitch O'Farrell, Councilmember CD13, and chair of the Arts, Parks & River Committee, Curren D. Price, Councilmember CD9, and member...

Open Our Park

We have been made aware that, in response to the Superior Court's February 3rd decision in the Sunset Ranch vs City of Los Angeles lawsuit, the City intends to close the Hollyridge trailhead at the top of Beachwood Canyon and redirect tourists, hikers, and residents elsewhere. We the undersigned urge the City not to take such action as (1) it was not ordered by the Judge in the case, (2) it contradicts the Judge's order that the City provide "public pedestrian access to the Hollyridge Trail" as close to the existing trailhead as possible, (3) The permanent closure of one public trailhead becomes precedent for other neighborhoods or businesses to request closure of other trailheads, and (4) it is important that Park visitors continue to be allowed to enter the Park at its major trailheads which have wide trails and fire roads, such as the historic one at Beachwood Canyon.

Why is this important?

The city plans to close Griffith Park to the public from Beachwood Canyon, and only allow access to Sunset Ranch, a private company. We want the city to swiftly turn back this disruptive measure, and allow access to Griffith Park for the many members of the public who enjoy it. The health and well being of the people of Los Angeles should be our top priority, and access to our city's largest park should not be diminished.