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To: Brownsburg Town Council, Brownsburg Economic Development Commission, Debbie Cook (Brownsburg Economic Development Director), Jim Staton (Interim Indiana Secretary of Commerce and Spouse of Debbie Cook)

Oppose I2 Zoning on Ronald Reagan Parkway in Brownsburg

Oppose I2 Zoning on Ronald Reagan Parkway in Brownsburg

Save the character and image of the Town of Brownsburg by opposing all I2 High Intensity Industrial development on Ronald Reagan Parkway.

To stay updated on information and meeting dates, please visit Thanks to all for staying involved, no matter what your opinion is on this topic. We all care about the Town of Brownsburg and want to invest responsibly in its growth.

Why is this important?

The current I2 development project being rushed through Town Council approval will bring an "Amazon-type" distribution facility that will be approximately 75% of the size of the current one in Whitestown, Indiana... PLUS three other large facilities ranging from 169,000-572,000 square feet. As the first major development on RRP, these warehouses will set the tone for all future projects and discourage appropriate smaller warehouses, commercial applications and business parks that would actually provide amenities to residents. This plan is against the Town of Brownsburg Comprehensive Plan, the Economic Development Strategic Plan, the Brownsburg Unified Development Ordinances and the Ronald Reagan Parkway Master Plan. Town Council's response to these objections is that they are working on changing all of these documents to allow for this type of development to avoid these conflicts in the future.

The Ronald Reagan Parkway has become the predominant transportation route for Brownsburg residents to connect to I-74, with a popular secondary route at the adjacent US 136/Crawfordsville Road. We believe this I2 development will choke these traffic patterns for residents due to 24/7 semi truck traffic and employee shift rotations, as well as make the bicycle trails connecting to the B&O Trail completely useless in this area.

This I2 development plan also shows an absolute lack of care for adjacent residential properties. These neighbors have invested their lives in Brownsburg's future, so this is so much more than just an argument over property values. We believe this development will make their current homes unsustainable for any measure of quality of life.

If you share the opinions above, then please sign this petition to show opposition for I2 Zoning on Ronald Reagan Parkway.

Reasons for signing

  • We moved to Brownsburg 12 years ago to raise our family because Brownsburg gave us that small town feel. Unfortunately the town no longer has that feeling. If this actually goes through we will be moving!
  • I grew up in this neighborhood and still live in this neighborhood with my wife. We do not need And industrial development right next to a residential community it makes no sense and it is not good for the future of the town at all. So please ask yourself if you live in the neighborhood just East of 1000 East would you want that right next to where you lived, I don't think so
  • My wife grew up on Hunter Road and next month we will be closing on her childhood home and starting our life together there. This means everything to her as her father (my FIL) was diagnosed at the end of last year with ALS. Keeping 1000 E, or Hunter Road, as it always has been, is so important to her. Keep Brownsburg a quiet, beautiful town and don't degrade our land with industrial buildings. Please.


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