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To: MACOG (Michiana Area council of Governments)



Did you know Indiana is ranked the 4th highest out of all 50 states for train collisions? What if I told you there was a way to bring that number down, and keep our families safer? We believe four- quadrant gates are the extra safety tool our town needs. If you also agree, please sign the petition below!

*A four-quadrant gate is a type of boom barrier gate protecting a grade crossing. It has a gate mechanism on both sides of the tracks for both directions of automotive traffic. The exit gates blocking the road leading away from the tracks in this application are equipped with a delay, and begin their descent to their horizontal position several seconds after the entrance gates do, so as to avoid trapping highway vehicles on the crossing. Many people consider four-quadrant gates to be safer than two-quadrant gates because they prevent drivers from illegally driving their vehicles around lowered gates to try to beat a train.

Why is this important?

Anyone who knows our story, knows why this is important to us and most of the people who surround us. My twin brother Franky Reeves Jr. is unfortunately a tally on the fatality statistic list in Osceola.We believe if the quad gates would have been installed my brother, and many others would still be here today. If this safety feature exists, I don't see why it's not being used on all busy railroad intersections, because of its huge capability to save lives! We strongly believe that Beech Rd as well as Ash rd. could benefit tremendously from quad gates. Thank you for taking the time to read and sign this petition!

Reasons for signing

  • My husband was killed on Apple Rd in 2003


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