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To: U.S. Senate

Pass the For the People Act & protect our planet

Pass the For the People Act & protect our planet

Our climate is in crisis. But as long as politicians and their polluting corporate backers have the power in our democracy, instead of everyday Americans -- our country will struggle to make the changes it desperately needs to protect our planet.

We believe that our democracy must be able to respond to the climate crisis. The Senate needs to push past Mitch McConnell’s blockade, abolish the filibuster, and pass the For the People Act -- so we can get to work on this and other issues that matter.

Why is this important?

Recently, a haunting image made its way around the Internet and shocked the world: thanks to an underwater pipeline that had burst, the Gulf of Mexico was actually on fire.

This devastating event was a reminder to all of us that if our democracy can’t respond to the climate crisis -- we are sure to face horrific consequences.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans agree with scientists that protecting the environment should be a top priority for the president and Congress. [1] And yet year after year, our elected officials fail to pass dozens of popular, common-sense reforms to combat the climate crisis.

Why? Because those who prefer the status quo -- those who are willing to endanger our planet to protect their profits -- have an outsize say in our political process.

That’s right: voter suppression tactics, campaign finance loopholes, and weak ethics laws ensure that politicians and their polluting corporate backers get to make the rules, not the American people. We all pay the price for that -- but especially communities of color, which not only are the primary target for anti-voter laws, but also face a disproportionate burden from the climate crisis.

That’s not how our democracy should work. We’re calling on the Senate to pass the For the People Act -- a bill that’d strengthen disclosure laws so we know which candidates rely on fossil fuel money, make it possible to run for office without selling out to polluters, and give those communities targeted by environmental racism a meaningful voice in politics.

But Mitch McConnell and his GOP allies have mounted a partisan blockade against the For the People Act, filibustering the bill in June. In this high-stakes moment, we must urge the Senate to abolish the filibuster -- and protect our planet by passing the For the People Act.


Reasons for signing

  • The "leaders" who have power, are wasting time. there is not time to waste to change to a more life affirming human presence on this planet. Let's go people.
  • We are so blessed to live on this beautiful Earth and must keep it livable for all our sakes.
  • There's no alternate planet


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