To: President Donald Trump

Paul Biya: Don't let what's happening in Libya happen in Cameroon

Please Paul Biya of Cameroon, leave the office of the Presidency Peacefully. Do not stand as presidential Candidate in the Forthcoming Presidential Elections. President Obama Help Cameroon

Why is this important?

My petition is about dictators leaving office and saving African Countries from military Interventions which comes with heavy casualties and property damages. The cost of leaving office shouldn't be this expensive.


Reasons for signing

  • Its time to let the wind of change to land. The youths must stand up and demand accountability from these same old thugs
  • Please Paul Biya step aside and let our dear country have a chance into true democracy.
  • BIya has no chance just leave us alone.You have killed about four generations, especially the southern Cameroonians.Beaware of those our parents who come in the name of ministers to fool us.