To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Pentagon: Come Clean About Civilian Deaths Caused by U.S. Airstrikes in Syria

U.S. forces carrying out air strikes in Syria must conduct thorough investigations into reports of civilian casualties from their operations and disclose their findings.

Why is this important?

The Pentagon has not responded to a memorandum Amnesty International sent to the U.S. Department of Defense on September 28 to raise questions about the conduct of U.S. forces in Syria. The memorandum provided evidence suggesting that U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), which directs U.S. forces in Syria, may have failed to take necessary precautions to spare civilians and carried out unlawful attacks that have killed and injured civilians. [1]

Failure by the Pentagon to adequately and transparently investigate reports of civilian casualties and of violations of international humanitarian law by U.S. forces in Syria would fall short of international standards and commitments made by President Obama. It would also establish a bad precedent for anticipated U.S. military operations against ISIS in Mosul in Iraq.

Urge President Obama and Congress to insist on transparency and accountability concerning civilian casualties from U.S. military actions in Syria by signing our petition.