To: Virginia Beach City Council

Petition for a Centerville Recreation Center

We, the undersigned, request that a recreation center be built at the proposed Woodbridge Park (intersection of Lynnhaven Parkway & Beaufain Blvd) and that in addition to the normal amenities, it should also include an indoor swimming pool, a skate-board park, and trails to Stumpy Lake. Community involvement should take place in planning the other amenities.

Why is this important?

This petition is your opportunity to have a voice regarding a Recreation Center in Centerville. Please tell your friends and family to also sign the petition. The more signatures, the bigger the impact!

*Please note that we are looking to present at least 5,000 signatures, which would make a huge impact! Also, each person who signs needs to sign using their own individual email address. If you use only one email address for the entire family (and do not want to create individual emails for this petition), please leave a comment naming all of those in your family who are associated with the email address and who wish to "sign" this petition. Thanks for taking the time to make a difference!


Reasons for signing

  • We deserve this facility. Indoor pool (alternatively, and outdoor pool), exercise facilities, etc. Also, public meeting rooms.
  • It is long overdue!!
  • Families need this