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To: Al Franken, Senator, United States Senate

Petition for Al Franken to Reconsider Resignation

We the understand petition Senator Al Franken to reconsider his resignation as Senator from Minnesota. Sen. Franken has not had the benefit of due process in the matter of sexual abuse allegations made against him. Highly respected members of the press including the New York Times and Washington Post have written editorials against his resignation. Please join in and ask Al Franken to change his mind about resigning.

Why is this important?

I am a pro-Feminist Democrat, and I believe the absence of due process speaks against the resignation of Al Franken from the Senate. Instead, he should circulate an apology to those women who deserve one and vow to continue to support the Feminist movement with every opportunity that comes his way. We Democrats need Al Franken's integrity and humor.

Reasons for signing

  • You were railroaded; treated unfairly. We need you back.
  • We need Al Franken back in the Senate now more than ever!!!
  • Sen. Franken we need your voice and common sense in the Senate. Please don’t resign!

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