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To: Elected and appointed officials within and beyond the state of Idaho

Petition to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing and Waste Injection Wells in Idaho

We, the undersigned, oppose the drilling practice of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) for natural gas and oil exploration and production, the collecting, pumping, storing, or treating of various carcinogenic chemicals and waste fluids in wells or pits, and associated equipment, facilities, transportation, and water withdrawal in Idaho, as proposed by private corporations and accommodated by state laws and regulations. These activities could contaminate drinking, irrigation, surface, and aquifer water, release noxious and volatile fumes, contribute greenhouse gases toward climate change, increase noise and traffic accidents, initiate seismic movements, jeopardize human, wildlife, and livestock health and safety, damage public and private resources, their uses, and values, degrade property values and insurability, undermine locally protective ordinances, cost taxpayers for fracking site remediation, threaten agriculture, recreation, tourism, and other economic sectors, facilitate development and conveyance of other carbon deposits, and extend American dependence on fossil fuel energy. We call on elected and appointed officials within and beyond the state of Idaho to deny permits for hydraulic fracturing and waste injection wells and to prohibit these practices and facilities throughout Idaho.

Why is this important?

Concerned Idaho and regional citizens have gathered hundreds of signatures on this previously offline, informal, public petition, demanding bans of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and oil and gas waste injection wells in Idaho during the last decade. Meanwhile, federal and state governments have changed authority and regulations of fossil fuels exploration, production, and infrastructure, as development has proposed and imposed oil and gas extraction and waste wells and associated facilities, and has fracked and acidized geothermal and hydrocarbon wells. We request your petition signature supporting the permanent prohibition in Idaho of fracking and other well treatments and Class II underground injection control wells.


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