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To: All Prince George's County residents.

PGCPS needs a fully elected BOE!

PGCPS needs a fully elected BOE!

The vast majority of Maryland counties have a fully elected school board, but not majority-Black Prince George’s. Out of 14 members, four, including the Chair, are chosen not by voters but by our County Executive and County Council. This month Dr. Juanita Miller and other unelected Prince George’s County Board of Education members appointed by County Executive Angela Alsobrooks shut down the Board and announced investigations into their elected opposition. They disenfranchised Prince Georgians during a crisis, refusing to hold the meetings and hearings that our 134,000 students deserve. In the past, Alsobrooks has voiced support for a return to an all-elected Board, where members are accountable to their neighbors. The Board has asked for the same--but it’s up to state legislators. As Alsobrooks considers a run for Governor in 2022, we demand she say loud and clear that this shutdown was unacceptable and that Prince Georgians deserve to elect their own Board of education.

Last November, Shayla Adams-Stafford and Kenneth Harris II defeated Alsobrooks-endorsed incumbents and joined Ed Burroughs, Raaheela Ahmed, David Murray, and Joshua Thomas in the Board’s progressive, elected majority. County voters sent them to the Board to enact sweeping changes in educational equity, school policing, student mental health, and budget oversight.

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Daniel Greene (MORE )
Our Revolution Prince George's

Why is this important?

This is the difference between life and death.


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