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Please Remember Debbie Peagler for Her Contribution of Domestic Violence...Crime After Crime

Remember Debbie Peagler for Her Contribution to Domestic Violence….Crime After Crime
Dear First Lady and First Grandmother,
I have concerns for the battered and abused Mothers incarcerated in prisons for defending their own lives and often the lives or their children and unborn babies from a violent Domestic Partner Attack Across America! Like Debbie Peagler’s story many have been wrongfully incarcerated or robbed of the Battered Woman’s Syndrome Defense or any Defense at all. Including The No Stalking Law. Many have been incarcerated for two or more decades alone and among the forgotten and are dying. The USA Justice Department is backlogged for years with appeal cases. Please help end this travesty of injustice.
The lack of understanding of the traumatic effects of battering and the Battered Woman’s Syndrome Defense by Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Attorneys is problematic to adequately bring an acquittal, or short term involuntary manslaughter sentencing. There is no accountability for Judges, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, or Governors who deliberately squash evidence and sequester witnesses and family members. Recently, Vice President Joe Biden stated,”Culturally, battered woman are blamed for their own abuse.” We also know that racial and gender bias also plays a role and especially in rural courtrooms where good ole boy male dominant patriarchal reign is in power. Statistic show battered women-mothers are more severely sentenced. The Sympathy goes to the deceased abuser family instead of the First Victim-The Battered Mother. She is robbed of her children for the rest of her life and often they are raised in foster care….and receiving more abuse. Because of abortion laws; a battered mother does not have the right to defend or protect her “unborn fetus” from a domestic abuser. The Pregnancy is withheld from the Jury. Consequently, 25 years to life sentences is the result. She delivers with 3 officers surrounding the birthing bed, two officers posted outside the door, and shackled to the bed because she is considered a threat to society.
She is often not given the benefits of the No Stalking Law or a reduction in sentencing. What is considered “Stalking” seems to be up to the Judge’s discretion. And usually the abused woman is denied the benefits of a reduced sentence. The trauma, she has experienced has the court declaring her hopelessly mentally ill, thus Parole Boards, and Governors keep her in prison. Just like the leaders of the Women’s Suffrage Movement by President Woodrow Wilson.
Past Leaders of the Free World have been hesitant to stand up on this issue in fear that they may lose the election but, I believe President Obama will end this Injustice to American Mothers; and to quote President Lincoln, “ because of sin by silence.” The State of Florida has the oldest release program without any repeat offenses for domestic homicide.
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Debbie Peagler was wrongfully incarcerated for more than 3 decades, she slotted to die alone and among the forgotten. The lack of understanding of the traumatic effects of battering and the Battered Woman Syndrome Defense, and she was denied the benefits of The No Stalking Law by Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Attorneys cause her to receive life in prison. Family Law denied her the right to protect her daughter from molestation. The Documentary of her life story won the Golden Globe Award! Tell the First Lady & First Grandmother to Take Action to End this Injustice1