To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Pledge to stop Fast Track of TPP

I wish to inform my representative and senators alike that I completely and unalterably oppose the passage of fast-track legislation for trade agreements like the TPP. I consider the defeat of this legislation of such importance that I pledge that I will not vote for any elected representative who supports this legislation.

Why is this important?

Fast track Legislation to approve the TPP has been introduced in Congress. This bill is officially called "The Bipartisan Trade Priorities Act of 2014". If we are to maintain any semblance of Sovereignty and Democracy in America it is imperative that we defeat this legislation. The TPP is a massive trade agreement that has been characterized as being a corporate coup. In essence it places the rights of international corporations above the rights of the American people. Under our Constitution the states legislate state laws and Congress legislates Federal Law, which takes precedence over State Law. With the TPP Federal Law will now be subservient to rules promulgated by the TPP and interpreted not by American courts but by International tribunals controlled by corporations. No longer will be be able to say what our labor laws, environmental laws, health regulations, financial regulations, copyright laws, consumer laws and Agricultural regulations are, they will determined by this trade pack and adjudicated by these foreign, corporate controlled, tribunals.

The Obama administration along with Major corporations that control hugh piles of money will be pushing hard for this fast track legislation. Elections are coming up this year, as normal citizens we only have our vote to counter the flood of corporate cash. Make your vote count by taking the pledge.

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