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Policy Changes for American Indians at William & Mary

Advocate for five policy improvements in: Admissions, Financial Aid, Career Recruiting, Student Engagement, and Undergraduate Education.
-More outreach efforts by admissions to recruit American Indian Students to apply and increase enrollment of American Indian students at The College. Last year’s class profile had only 2% Native students at a school that was founded in part to educate American Indians.
-Educate tour guides on the history of the Brafferton in order they may properly speak of the Brafferton's history and significance on campus to prospective students.
Financial Aid:
-Funding allocated to scholarships for American Indian Students at The College, a historically American Indian institution of learning.
Career Recruiting:
-Build relationships between the Cohen Career Center and Native-owned firms and federal agencies like the Indian Health Services (which has a 40%+ health professional vacancy rate).
Student Engagement:
-Bring Native artwork to common spaces on campus.
-Greater efforts towards Student Engagement with The College's American Indian history, include a Brafferton Day in The College's calendar and Charter Day.
- Create partnerships with local tribes and the campus, with opportunities for education and service learning for students.
Undergraduate Education:
-Create a Native Studies Col 350 under new diversity requirements.
-More funding allocated to the American Indian Resource Center and to the American Indian Studies Minor with research opportunities.
-Cross listing Native courses with Col requirements and as interdisciplinary courses.

Why is this important?

It's important that The College of William & Mary's history with indigenous populations in the United States is recognized by the administration. It is essential that students on campus are given opportunities to learn about The College's history and that Native Students are supported. Let's be a better Tribe!


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