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To: President Biden

President Biden: Act Now to Protect Democracy

President Biden must act to combat corruption and protect democracy. Our nation is facing unprecedented threats to our democracy, from the attempt to overturn the 2020 election on January 6th to the surge of anti-democratic legislation we’ve seen across the country in recent years.

Why is this important?

President Biden recently said that protecting democracy is the “central issue” of his presidency, and so we are calling on him to back up his words with action. President Biden has the power to combat corruption and protect our democracy and our right to vote unilaterally, with the stroke of a pen, by taking executive actions that will strengthen our democracy.

President Biden issued a voter access executive order before, but must now take additional important steps to fight corruption that’s undermining public confidence in American democracy, enhance transparency of corporate lobbying, prevent foreign money from influencing our elections, and create a White House Office of Democracy that can ensure that the U.S. Government is using every tool available to protect voting rights and American democracy, among other key pro-democracy reforms.

Sign the petition to President Biden: Use the full power of your office to combat corruption and protect democracy!


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