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Protect cyclists from threats in eastern San Diego County

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A threatening sign was recently posted near Honey Springs Rd and Lyons Valley Rd. We ask the County of San Diego Supervisors, Sheriff Bill Gore, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, and the Department of Public Works to determine if the threatening speech on the sign is, in fact, protected under the First Amendment, and to erect a "Bikes May Use Full Lane" sign at this intersection.

Why is this important?

Threats are not protected speech under the First Amendment, and as a bicyclist, it scares me that we let people publicly post such threatening speech. This sign must be investigated properly, and removed if it is not protected free speech.

Furthermore, a "Bikes May Use Full Lane" sign should be erected to replace the "Share The Road" sign currently at this intersection. Since "Share The Road" is unclear, and is apparently interpreted to by some to mean that drivers don't have to slow down and wait to safely pass bicyclists, the sign should be replaced by one that more clearly explains the traffic laws as they are currently in effect.