To: Congress

Protect our digital privacy in the cryptocurrency age!

Protect our digital privacy in the cryptocurrency age!

Progressive champions Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley are calling for laws protecting our private financial data from government surveillance. Now that President Biden has directed the Treasury Department to look into creating an official digital currency, those privacy protections are more important than ever.

Congress must protect our financial data by passing the ECASH Act!

Why is this important?

In March, President Biden told several federal agencies to start looking into a “U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency,” or CBDC. A digital dollar could create an accessible public option for digital payments that works for all Americans — but only if it’s done right.

Digital currencies must come along with explicit privacy protections. Otherwise, the digital dollar will provide the government with unprecedented access to Americans’ private financial transactions. As usual, poor and marginalized communities will be especially vulnerable to such surveillance.

That’s why Congress must pass the E-CASH Act: legislation promoting a digital dollar that replicates the privacy features of analog cash!

Sign the petition: Tell Congress to pass the ECASH Act! No Digital Currency without sweeping privacy protections!