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Protect our private data from predatory advertisers!

Protect our private data from predatory advertisers!

We urge you to regulate surveillance advertising practices (also known as ‘interactive advertising’) to protect our personal data from law enforcement agencies, unwarranted government intelligence gathering, and corporations — including media outlets. Major online news media outlets are some of the biggest surveillance advertisers and must be included in these regulations!

Why is this important?

There are currently next to no regulations on the collecting and sale of our personal data by websites and advertisers. That leaves us vulnerable to all kinds of surveillance and abuse.

The Biden administration is finally taking steps towards stopping this abuse by regulating the surveillance advertising industry, but the ad lobby is gearing up for a fight. The White House and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) must resist their efforts and protect Americans’ privacy!

We need protection from surveillance advertising! The FTC must resist corporate lobbyists and finally regulate the ‘interactive advertising industry’!


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