To: New York City's Landmark Preservation Commission

Protect the Historic A&P Warehouse at 67 Vestry St. in Tribeca

We believe that 67 Vestry Street should be granted landmark protection. This building embodies the story of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (the “A&P”), a company founded at the now demolished Washington Market. It was built specifically for the A&P in 1897 by the important architect Frank Dinkelberg and modified with a two-story addition in 1910 by the equally well-regarded architect Frank Helme. Landmarking this handsome former warehouse would anchor the besieged Tribeca North Historic District nearby and provide visual evidence of a great period in our country’s commercial history. This building also was a keystone building that housed many great artists whose presence in Tribeca launched Tribeca's revival as a great urban neighborhood. This part of the building's story should also be honored.

Why is this important?

Please sign our petition to urge New York City Landmark's Preservation Commission to protect the handsome A&P Warehouse at 67 Vestry Street in Tribeca. This warehouse is the last visual remnant of the story of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, a company founded in the now-demolished Washington Market. Other A&P warehouses that are younger and less historically significant are National Landmarks. Shouldn't this one be landmarked as well?

Tribeca Trust and the residents of 67 Vestry