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To: Governor Jared Polis

Protect workers on the frontlines of the pandemic

Protect workers on the frontlines of the pandemic

Sign this to your governor today to protect workers on the frontlines of the pandemic

Why is this important?

Grocery store, healthcare, pharmacy and food production workers deserve the same benefits as other frontline workers during this pandemic crisis that is impacting our state.

We keep stores stocked with food and medical supplies and are working long hours to make sure families have what they need to weather this crisis.

We need your support to keep ourselves and our families safe during this crisis. We shouldn’t have to choose between going to work and staying home because we don’t have access to the same resources as other first responders like doctors, nurses, police, and fire.

Without us, our country would ground to a halt during this crisis and we need your support. Please include grocery store, healthcare and food production workers in your definition of front-line emergency service providers today.

Reasons for signing

  • Hold trump Accountable for U.S Covid-19 Losses. Bail out the People, Not wallstreet. Sanders/Warren 2020
  • It's for a good cause
  • They need protection.


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