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Protect your right to own land in Walton County

Reestablish the original TRS grid surveyed by the Federal Government, in accordance with the law.

Why is this important?

The Walton County Clerk of Courts office, the Walton County tax collector's office, all State of Florida /Walton County tax deed sales in the past, and all current public deed records use the Township Range Section (TRS) grid system as it's base. The TRS system was established by the Federal Government BLM office to convey land by patents, etc. A hundred years worth of Walton County Surveyors documents and field notes have disappeared from the Walton county public records. A court case and recorded public records indicate that the county surveyors did not retrace the original Federal surveys of the area. County Surveyors went the wrong direction and placed their own reference monuments, instead of finding and verifying the existing federal monumentation. The result has been the migration of survey lines by hundreds of feet in many areas, and constant ongoing confusion and litigation by property owners over the course of Walton County history. It is time for Walton County, the State of Florida, and the Federal Government to be on the same page about the basic right to own land and to know exactly where it is, according to the original Federal surveys (the root of our county tax base). Local court case rulings have added to the confusion and assisted the migration of the land lines in all directions.


Reasons for signing

  • Operation Rico
  • what I believe the people of Walton County deserves to know what's going on with their property and wheretheir property isI believe that Mr Shane Odom has took my interest in everything that he is trying to do for our county and we have a right to know
  • Does our Constitution mean nothing anymore