To: Chris Squires, KFBK Program Director

Pull Rush's Misogyny From the Sacramento Region's Airwaves

To be delivered to: Chris Squires, Program Director, KFBK Radio

Pull the Rush Limbaugh Show from KFBK and replace it with a news show.

Rush Limbaugh's anti-woman rants have gone so far that it is unacceptable for KBFK to profit from filling the Sacramento region's airwaves with his hate and misogyny.

Limbaugh called a law student who testified on behalf of insurance coverage for contraceptives a "slut" and a "prostitute" and publicly suggested that she post videos of herself having sex on the Internet.

If Rush were using such blatant and unabashed slurs about a racial or ethnic group, his repulsive vitriol would never be broadcast. With so many important issues of the day, we suggest that placing a greater emphasis on NEWS rather than TALK better serves the city of Sacramento and the region.

Why is this important?

Support women and pull the Rush Limbaugh Show from KFBK.