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To: Mayor Alan Webber, Santa Fe City Council Members, and Head of Parks and Rec John Muñoz

Re-open the GCCC Ice Arena and Recognize the Hard Work and Dedication of our Rink Staff

Re-open the GCCC Ice Arena and Recognize the Hard Work and Dedication of our Rink Staff

For 20 years the GCCC Ice Arena has delivered a world class sheet of ice to Northern New Mexico, and Ice Arena Staff remain dedicated to that pursuit. However the Covid-19 pandemic has put an unprecedented strain on the City's budget, and left those in power with difficult financial decisions moving forward. Our hope is that the Ice Arena can resume operating as the City shifts towards re-opening, and that the Ice Staff can be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Why is this important?

The Ice Arena serves a wide variety of user groups that depend on the ice for their recreation. Figure skaters, curlers, and hockey players all consistently patronize the Arena, and in some cases their livelihood depends on having a sheet of ice to coach upon. The Chavez Center Ice Staff have been working diligently throughout quarantine to update and maintenance the Ice Arena, and are ready to once again deliver an elite sheet of ice to our City.

*This petition has been created in collaboration with the AFSCME Union of Santa Fe

Reasons for signing

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  • Having played at multiple ice rinks across the country I count the Santa Fe rink as one of best ice rinks I've played at. It has provided a fantastic service and I have been playing hockey there all of my life. The ice rink has a fantastic hockey community and it would be a shame to lose this very open and awesome community.
  • The ice rink should be opened as soon as it is safe to do so. There is no other facility in Santa Fe to ice skate or engage in other ice sports. The Santa Fe Skating Club cannot simply relocate. We have built an inclusive skating community that reflects the Santa Fe community. We have built an incredible Learn to Skate program that was thriving at the time the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The ice rink is an incredible City asset and should not be repurposed for another sport.


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