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To: President Biden; Members of Congress; Members of the Senate

Recognize the State of Palestine

There can be no two-state solution without two states. The current Israeli government has made it clear that the status quo, with progressive incorporation of occupied territory, similar to the "two-State" solution imposed on native-Americans in the USA, meets their current objectives. As a government and as a people, we have a responsibility to uphold the highest moral and democratic values. We urge you to:
Pass legislation that 1) Makes US financial aid contingent on complete discontinuation of settlement expansion (including East Jerusalem). 2). Eliminates military aid and weapons sales used to strike non-military targets: families, schools, medical facilities, civilian infrastructure (water supply, electricity, roads) - define non-military the same way you would if an Israeli equivalent was targeted. 3) Puts pressure on Israel to end the occupation, including the seize of Gaza. 4) Supports the First Amendment right to boycott entities that facilitate or engage in activities that are apartheid in nature.
If we support a two-State solution, we must recognize the State of Palestine.

Why is this important?

It is incongruous for us to claim we want a two-State solution and that we support human rights but then fail to recognize Palestine as a State as 138 other countries do. How can we have an “even-handed” approach to the Middle East as espoused by Biden and many preceding administrations when we recognize one country, Israel, but not the other, Palestine? It is a position as likely to work as well as the “separate but equal” doctrine of the Jim Crow South. When the Palestinian people are denied justice, you and I lose it too. Recognition of the State of Palestine is a step in the direction of balance.

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