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To: The New York State House, The New York State Senate, Governor Andrew Cuomo, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate


Current Federal laws do not allow residents in SRO Buildings to receive locked, secure mailboxes where USPS deliver mail direct to our boxes. Instead, the law requires USPS to "drop off" the mail with Management who then become responsible for delivery into OPEN mail slots. This means they control what we get, when we get it and if we get anything at all. That should be illegal and they should not have keys to secure mailboxes where complaints or proven abuse are reported .

Why is this important?

Because my mail and many of my neighbours in our SRO experienced lost packages, opened mail, returned to sender , missing documents mean delayed payments costing fines and interest from bank credit cards, telling carrier we don't live in our own home to take mail back? When it is legal and binding mail or privileged information mail, it means they have access to your ID to create banking fraud or other fraud ruining our name and credit, that could land you in trouble, they can create mischief as many have experienced in our SRO, if mail is not delivered such as your Jurors Summons it means you can face jail for not appearing or answering, it defaults you on loans or evictions to not receive your mail. It is an old law and it merits reform in 2018.