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To: Congress

Reform the Electoral Count Act!

Reform the Electoral Count Act!

It was one year ago this Thursday that Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, committing acts of violence, espousing white supremacy, and perpetuating the Big Lie that the election result was anything but a conclusive victory for President Biden. 

Unless Congress takes action to fix the US electoral system, the far right is all but sure to try for a repeat. We can’t let that happen.

Why is this important?

Donald Trump's January 2021 coup attempt sought to exploit the outdated Electoral Count Act, the law that governs our elections.

The Congressional committee responsible for investigating the events of January 6th is reportedly working on recommendations for legislation reforming the Electoral Count Act right now. It’s essential that the committee introduce strong and clear legislation, and that Congress pass it as soon as possible. We can’t risk another attack on our democracy. 

The Select Committee on January 6th should introduce legislation reforming the Electoral Count Act as soon as possible!


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