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To: Musicians of the Grand Teton Music Festival

Reinstate The 3 GTMF Musicians Terminated Without Cause

Make our collective voices heard! Please sign this petition, demanding that the management of the Grand Teton Music Festival reinstate the 3 musicians (Juan de Gomar, Jennifer Ross, and Kristen Linfante) whose jobs were abruptly terminated. These three colleagues were told that the reason for their termination was their "comportment and disruptive behavior", presumably pertaining to this past summer when they voiced musician concerns at the town hall meetings held by management.

Why is this important?

Why is it important to sign? It's important because this egregious behavior implies that any one of us can be silenced and/or terminated if management doesn't like what it hears or sees. Today it was these three colleagues and elected representatives, and tomorrow it could be YOU! This blatant act by management goes against Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act which pertains to "protected activities" including advocacy on behalf of a group of colleagues. We will not be silenced! Make your voice heard, and sign the petition TODAY! Let's show our solidarity!

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