To: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump

Reject John Bolton's Attack on Travel and Remittances

I am an American who went to Cuba for people to people, family, academic, professional, athletic or cultural exchange or for other purposeful reasons, or plans to.

I call upon President Trump as well as my Senators and Representative to oppose the attempt by hard liners in the National Security Council to return to counterproductive US government limits on travel and remittances.

I also urge restoration of full consular authority and the provision of five year multi-entry visas by both countries.

Why is this important?

Personal experience increases Americans' knowledge of Cuba's culture, history and life today and provides opportunities to inform Cubans about the US.

Whether we travel independently, in tour groups or on a cruise, we contribute to the economic well being of all Cubans. Our presence also fosters mutual understanding and encourages a positive natural evolution of bilateral relations and economic reforms.

Candidates for President must make clear their opposition to regressive policies on Cuba and their views on consular policy, ending all travel and agricultural restrictions and repeal of embargo laws.