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To: President Biden

Release Afghan assets to avert a famine!

Release Afghan assets to avert a famine!

President Biden needs to unfreeze Afghanistan's foreign exchange reserves and other financial assets in order to avert a famine.

Why is this important?

Afghanistan is facing an economic crisis that has plunged millions into starvation and poverty. Ninety five percent of Afghans are unable to get enough food, and nine million of them risk starvation in the near future. But rather than helping, the Biden administration is making matters far worse.

The United States froze financial assets the previous government of Afghanistan kept in the US. Despite widespread calls to return it, the White House just issued an executive order keeping it out of Afghanistan's hands.

As a result, Afghanistan's financial system is in crisis as ordinary people and businesses are unable to access their savings. That makes it harder to buy basic necessities, and a famine is now looming. It doesn't have to be this way.


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