To: President Donald Trump

Release from prison Sister Megan Rice, Michael Walli & Greg Boertie-Obed from prison for their ac...

It's to see the insanity of Nuclear weapons and the bankruptcy of our court systems.

Why is this important?

This was the situation that constituted their arrest, trial and sentence to prison. . . . . .
Early on the morning of July 28, 2012, the three “veteran activists” hiked over a ridge and cut through four fences to reach the United States “new” storehouse for bomb-grade, highly enriched uranium at the Y-12 nuclear weapons complex.
Their arrest led to a temporary shutdown of Y-12 operations, oversight hearings in Congress, and an on-going security overhauls throughout the nuclear weapons enterprise.
Before you sign this, you’re probably asking yourself a couple of questions:
#1. Why do these people do what they do?
It’s to draw your attention to exactly what is going on in our country. It’s the nuclear build-up of weapons that are beyond most of our wildest imagination. Each one of America’s 14 nuclear subs has 24 missiles and each missile has 4 to 8 independently targeted warheads. Each of the individual warheads on a missile is now 30 times more powerful than the bombs used on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. It takes only one of American’s 14 submarines to ruin Europe as a civilization and the definite possibility of becoming the means of eliminating all life on this planet.
Now ….. Let’s work a little with these numbers. We’re producing a weapon that is 30 times more powerful than Nagasaki. 150,000 died at Nagasaki so 30 X 150,000 = 4 million men, women, children and the environment around them becomes ashes..
In actuality, these three, labelled terrorists, by attempting to make us aware of this, should be crowned as saints, because what we’re talking about here is really insanity. If you think these statements are off the wall, add the price tag of a 100 billion to build 14 new nuclear subs all this and then make the claim, along with our government that we need all this to protect ourselves. So….. The reason for you to sign this is, the way we’re heading with the improved nuclear systems, you could possibly become one of the 4 million to experience the fruits of America’s thirst for power.
#2. Why should I get involved with all this?
The second reason why you should sign this petition is because of our morally bankrupt court system. When they label and convict an eighty-five year old nun of being a terrorist and no one objects, it means that we’ve accepted a rotten process. So…. are Sr. Megan, Michael & Gregg terrorists? Are they saboteurs? When we, as a people, accept untruths as truths, then it’s not long till the government can bring you in calling you something you’re not and when our high courts cannot distinguish right and wrong then we’re all in trouble. They had a great saying in Germany. “When they came for the journalist, I said nothing. When they came for the labor leaders, I said nothing. When they came for the teachers, I said nothing and finally, when they came for me there was no one left to speak for me.
The evil of nuclear weapons is present and along with it the forces that keep it operational. We appreciate your willingness to engage with us to keep real freedom alive which is always founded in truth.
So…. Keep this in mind. You are signing this as much for ourselves as the three righteous and courageous people in jail.