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To: United Nations Organization, Director Civil Society

Religious Persecution

In the American continent the Independent Catholic Churches No Under Vatican (Old Catholic, Anglican, Episcopal, Orthodox, Byzantine, Gallic, charismatic and others) that are not under the authority of the Pope of Rome (Francisco), have increased significantly in recent times for many reasons, this has resulted in a constant persecution by the clergy (deacons, priests and bishops), who are under the ecclesiastical administration of the Roman Catholic Church representing the pope as head of the Roman group. Within the United States the immigrant community in the different Latin American countries participating in the worship, devotion and the same sacraments, the Catholic Churches of origin but do not obey Rome. There are also some churches that although faith originated in the Church of England itself does not belong to the Anglican Communion in Canterbury, do their work outside of the Episcopal Church of USA also independently.

Some media in this case “Univision” has lent its journalists through several television to discredit independent Catholic Churches and to believe to be false, claiming they are cheating the faith of believers and who defraud the credo Christians also have a Catholic background in the same story. Similarly persecution extends in every nation on the continent of America, whether in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and every country in Central America and South America. Some groups have resorted to high courts demanding the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church and involving civilian authorities and in some cases have done justice to others have sided with the Roman Catholic Church because the authorities themselves practice the same faith and are within the ranks of the Vatican as members or allies in their diplomatic missions and businesses. Catholic groups independent of any denomination are tired of supporting these outrages and many independent Catholic clergy who have suffered depression and some have died of moral worth to feel firsthand the injustices caused by the applied religious war against a minority nun who will not obey Rome and want to stick freely under the will of the same faith and belief. We know that the Christian churches of all denominations also persecuted by the representatives of Rome. We seek and demand that all Christian religious groups are respected in their faith and belief and that some fail to call the other sects or disparaging words because all faith and belief deserves the same respect. God created us equal but different.

Therefore we have taken the flag of the cause to defend freedom of religious organization and lay the historical foundations of high against religious war, the same inquisition programmed by Roman Catholics and request organizations of “human rights” and those who administer justice, to take action on the matter to avoid a confrontation that would lead to dire consequences in sister countries and that if a large majority has the same origin in his ancestor, idiosyncrasy, race, culture and folklore. We originally requested a correction to the media committed injustice and through firms are doing the protest in a civilized peacefully without resorting to street protests that also generate other kinds of problems and difficulties for the events that we have known recently where thugs pistol or rifle, they have killed innocent people simply because they want to sow terror wicked to injure freedom and free will by which man was created in all its dimensions as a human person.

If you can help us solve this outrage and injustice, please let us know how to how to defend this persecution for us to achieve peace and harmony in our mission we manage to continue smoothly and heart comply with laws on religion, belief and worship, which have complied with heart and voluntarily.

Yours sincerely,

+ Leonardo Marin-Saavedra
Primate Archbishop of The
Latin American Anglican Church
(Anglo Catholic Church).

Canada Phone: + 1-647-875-4597.
USA Phone: + 1-323-370-7810.

Note of Protest against Univision (Spanish Language):

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Univision is chasing us in California