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To: The Nevada State House, The Nevada State Senate, Governor Steve Sisolak, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump

Removal of the federal bill mandating vaccines for education

HR 2527 is a federal level bill that was introduced on 5-3-19 and has 17 co-signers. The purpose of this bill is to federally mandate all children be vaccinated to attend public and private education and is a violation of our religious rights, and bodily sovereignty. Specific vaccines have live virus shedding capabilities and therefore contribute to vaccine strain outbreaks, yet these individuals are allowed to utilize public or private education, unlike their unvaccinated counterparts. This bill is discriminatory and segragates people based on religious convictions.

Why is this important?

My children have an MTHFR mutation which inhibits the body's ability to methylate or detox out heavy metals and other contaminants found in the current vaccines being used. Currently, mainstream medical doctors are not all offering medical exemptions for this mutation so I rely on personal and religious exemptions. I also, have a strong religious abstination from using a product manufactured with aborted fetal parts, tissues and cells. Vaccines were found to contain glyphosphate, which is a carcinogenic substance. Monsanto was ordered to pay 2 billion dollars in damages for persons using their products that resulted in cancer.


Reasons for signing

  • WHERE THERES A RISK, there’s a choice.
  • No mandatory vaccination. Freedom to choose what to put in our own children’s bodies.
  • Absolutely not no mandates it’s horrible

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