To: Spokane Radio Stations

Remove Rush Limbaugh from Spokane Air

Remove Rush Limbaugh from the radio air stations in Spokane. The message in his broadcasts continually degrade women and people of color. This type of broadcasting should not be allowed or tolerated on the air. A level of professionalism should be required to broadcast on your network. If not removed, I and many others will discontinue listening to your station.

Why is this important?

I am embarrased to think that a Radio station in Spokane continues to air the Rush Limbaugh show. I feel like I have returned to the l960's where women were considered second class citizens. Not only the recent incident but his continual "feminizt Nazai" statements about women and also his degradation for people of color is intolerable. I know Spokane is much better then the hate and discrimination he spews. I am employed at a higher education institution, not even one of his comments would be tolerated in my arena.