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To: TikTok

Remove Wyatt Yeager AKA Icywyatt from TikTok Platform

Wyatt Yeager, also known as Icywyatt is a menace to online society. He has consistently displayed hateful behavior, promotes scams on his accounts, and encourages drug use through this app. Although his content gets consistently banned, he continues to create new accounts to perpetuate his actions. Please TikTok, permanently ban his existing accounts, and any new accounts he may create on this platform.

Why is this important?

Children and other vulnerable people use this app. Hateful behavior should not be encouraged without consequence. Real people's lives are affected by Wyatt's demeaning words. On multiple occasions he has mocked mentally/physically disabled individuals. Real people have lost money to his scams. The links he promotes on his page are gambling games that sell the user's privation information. Real people have been encouraged to engage in drug use. He regularly smokes, drinks, and uses pills. He then live streams his erratic behavior under the influence. Wyatt needs to be held accountable for his actions. He needs to be removed from the TikTok platform, permanently.


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