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To: NY State Legislature and Governor

Rename Donald J. Trump State Park

Donald J. Trump State Park carries a name that does not represent our values as a community. And yet a New York State park carries the name of a man whose actions have deeply divided our nation, who incited a deadly insurrection to try to overturn a democratic election, who continues to promote lies and profit off of it, and whose tarnished legacy has left a dark mark in our history.

Join us in supporting the call to rename Trump Park and make a positive change for our future!

Why is this important?

The name "Donald J. Trump" on a state park is a constant reminder of a presidency stained by controversy and division. The former president's involvement in inciting the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6 and his subsequent impeachment tarnished the dignity of the office. We deserve a park name that reflects unity, progress, and inclusivity.

Donald Trump donated the land in 2006 with the promise that it would bear his name, but times have changed. With criminal charges against him, it's clear that honoring his name is no longer appropriate.

Renaming the park is an opportunity to send a powerful message about our values and the kind of future we want to create. We need a park name that represents the best of our community and embraces the principles of democracy, justice, and respect for all.

Sign this petition to support the renaming of Trump Park and usher in a new beginning that we can all be proud of!


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